Good Gotti

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Leah Gotti‘s mom was heading out for a business trip and she told her to mind herself while she was away. To make sure she was on her best behavior and to not give her stepdad a hard time, Leah agreed. As soon as her mom left the house with luggage in tow, Leah made a bee-line for her mom’s closet and started trying on some of her underwear. She laid on the bed and started pleasing herself. Her stepdad came home from work and overheard the commotion. All the moaning in ecstasy attracted him like a moth to a flame. He whipped out his dick and starting jerking off to his stepdaughter pleasuring herself. He made the fatal mistake of bumping into the door, and she caught him red-handed. He apologized profusely and Leah was startled, but what really surprised her is how big her stepdad’s cock was. She pulled him in closer, and since they were both riled up from masturbating, they couldn’t resist the temptation. Their mutual attraction was palpable and they fucked each other’s brains out!

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Naughty Bookworms

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Leah Gotti catches Xander trying to steal the answers to their next test. Leah is a teacher’s pet and she is about to go snitch on Xander, but Xander convinces her that is she keeps it between them, then she can hang out with him and the cool kids. Leah really wants to be cool. Luckily, being cool also means she gets to fuck Xander.

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